We plan and implement strategies for the controlled growth of 欧洲杯投注 County’s economy as a unified voice representing the best Tennessee has to offer businesses, citizens and travelers.

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We bring growth-oriented businesses with strong fiscal discipline, infrastructure and workforce-ready people to East Tennessee.

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We attract travelers who seek unique heritage and the best outdoor recreational experiences to 欧洲杯投注 County.

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We connect leaders and organizations for the benefit of local and regional business growth.

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We empower leaders, parents and students to invest in education, so they are better prepared to fulfill the workforce opportunities of 欧洲杯投注 County’s future.

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We offer natural beauty, historic charm and low-cost living, distinguishing 欧洲杯投注 County as one of the best retirement destinations in the nation.

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Education Matters to 欧洲杯投注

Investing in the Future Today

欧洲杯投注 Alliance

we believe in the value of a good education.

Education Matters is a program of the 欧洲杯投注 Alliance that empowers leaders, parents and students to to invest in education, so they are better prepared to fulfill the workforce opportunities of 欧洲杯投注 County's future.

Here in 欧洲杯投注 County, we understand that in order for a community to thrive, it must have an education and workforce development program that supports students' dreams and goals as well as the needs of our county's industries. Whether a student prefers a college experience or technical training, there are limitless opportunities to pursue your passion. Additionally, our industries work well with educators to develop curriculum suitable for students seeking hands-on job training prior to graduation as well as job shadowing and work study programs. 

Educations Matters is also involved in planning the county's middle school and highl school career days. For more information on these events and any other programs offered by Education Matters, please call 865-376-2093.